HPE Quality Center Upgrade Tips: A Note about Lab Management/LAB_PROJECT

puzzleStarting with HPE Quality Center (QC) 11.50, HPE QC has an added “project” called Lab Management. This is seen as LAB_PROJECT on a special Lab Management tab with the HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) license. The Lab Management project/module has been available for some time to HPE Performance Center users, but now Lab Management allows users to manage the lab resources and systems they use for performance (HPE Performance Center required) and functional (new to HPE QC and HPE ALM 11.5x and later) testing in HPE ALM.

This project is used with the HPE ALM-level license and HPE Performance Center to maintain server-side automated testing to be done from HPE QC and HPE ALM projects.

If you are upgrading from HPE QC 11, the Configuration Wizard will create a new/blank Lab Management project. And if you are using HPE QC 11.5xx or previously used HPE Performance Center and have migrated the LAB_PROJECT database and repository to the new server locations, Configuration Wizard will upgrade it. And, it will create a new blank one just in case you need it.

If you are indicating HPE ALM-level license during install, a new tab will appear in Site Administration. The Lab Management tab is used to maintain the LAB_PROJECT. Here, you can do the usual Remove/Restore (slightly different button command locations) and VERIFY/REPAIR/UPGRADE (right-click menu). So, you can use the blank LAB_PROJECT now then migrate and VERIFY/REPAIR/UPGRADE one later if you want. (See the HPE Lab Management Guide.)

If you are indicating an enterprise license during install, the Lab Management tab will not be visible and you will not be able to use the LAB_PROJECT directly—HPE QC still places project links into it as you restore or create projects. If you upgrade the license type to the HPE ALM level, you can then immediately use the Lab Management features with your existing projects.

The LAB_PROJECT shows up in the PROJECTS table in your “qcsiteadmin_db” database/schema just like any other HPE QC project; however, it must stay there—do NOT delete it. This project also comes with a REPOSITORY in the DEFAULT domain folder; DO NOT delete this either. HPE QC needs a working LAB_PROJECT as it creates or restores projects.


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