Monthly archive for February 2016

Test Data Management – The Manheim Case Study

Let me start by giving you a little of my background. I am a test data management (TDM) engineer with eight years of experience. I have worked for Orasi for the past two years. During this time, I have specialized in providing integral solutions with CA Test

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Mobile Applications: Challenges from Development to Production

Many companies are struggling to balance time-to-market demands for mobile applications while still providing the performance and functionality end users desire. The mobile application lifecycle adds more complexities and unknowns than traditional applications, which only adds to the challenge. In order to be successful, processes need to

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Jenkins Integration with ALM

A hot topic in today’s QA world is continuous integration (CI), and one of the leading tools in the CI world currently is Jenkins. What is Jenkins? Jenkins is a cross platform continuous integration delivery application, which integrates with most QA software, build tools, and SCM repositories.

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