Monthly archive for July 2016

Installing the New Virtual Table Server 12.53

This tutorial is designed to explain and demonstrate the downloading, installation, data loading, and use of the virtual table server (VTS). It is intended for use by experienced HPE LoadRunner users who have a working knowledge of HPE LoadRunner parameters and the C programming language, as it is

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Performance Testing: Balancing Customer Experience and Company Reality

When a company rolls out applications to the public or internal customers, the goal is for the end-user experience to make an impression that will compel the user to return. Part of that experience for the user is getting through their tasks quickly, without error and at

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Solving the Challenge of Data Security in Development and Testing

Data breaches are becoming impossible to escape. They occur in every business sector and in companies of all sizes. Juniper Research estimates that the average cost of a single data breach will exceed $150 million by 2020, with the global exposure exceeding $2 trillion by 2019. Yet,

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