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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence with the CQAA

This post was written by Skytap Content Managing Editor Noel Wurst and originally appeared on the Skytap blog.The Chicago Quality Assurance Association (CQAA) was founded in 1984 to “promote quality principles and practices within Chicago-area companies” and to provide “a forum for information professionals to present and discuss

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A Pragmatic Approach to Test Coverage

I like models and I love automation on top of them. Software development in almost any form requires a logical model and an implementation in code. The best developers can find the re-usable patterns or code within a complex system to minimize their work. Functional testing gurus

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Zombie Test Cases – How They Cost Organizations

The chilling reality is, old test cases never die, they cluster, clutter and disrupt testing and development indefinitely. But why? Because no one can be confident that the old test cases aren’t necessary, no one wants to cull a case when it isn’t clear if it tests

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