Performance Testing without Requirements

How can this be? Testing without requirements, a cornerstone of quality? Conducting functional testing with documented requirements is commonplace and expected. Software testers need pass/fail criteria when grappling with features and functionality. However, system and application performance evaluation is more subjective and the criteria used to judge a good or bad performing system under test… Continue reading Performance Testing without Requirements

Managing DbTable Objects in UFT

If your UFT testing involves a lot of database checkpoints or output values, then you’ve probably noticed that a lot of “DbTable_#” objects get created in your object repository (OR). The more checkpoints or output values you use, the more cluttered the OR gets. In the image below, you can see three DbTable objects have… Continue reading Managing DbTable Objects in UFT

Data-Focused Test Strategy for New Data Warehouse

As part of a workshop discussion someone posed the following example to our group of test professionals and asked how we would solve the following problems. I am paraphrasing. How do we insure data quality and integrity at the application programming interface (API) level in the new data warehouse? Note that the solution below is… Continue reading Data-Focused Test Strategy for New Data Warehouse