Monthly archive for March 2014

Do You Really Need to Jailbreak?

In a white paper Orasi recently published on its website, our mobile team dug into the question of using jailbroken devices and the risks this approach poses for mobile software testers. We thought it would be interesting to explore these issues here, as well. Jailbreaking is a

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Upcoming Webinar: Tips to Achieve Continuous Integration and Delivery

It’s safe to say that most companies are looking to gain an advantage in today’s hyper-competitive software market. Businesses are constantly striving to develop, test, and release better software faster, but how is this made possible? Continuously integrating, testing, and delivering new applications. Join Orasi and Skytap

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Geometric Value in Continuous Integration

One of the most important measurements in software development is related to the defect queue. I don’t mean simply the count of defects. A queue has a depth, latency, service time and throughput. The depth is the count of issues assigned to a team or person. The

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