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Developing a Functional Reporting Framework

In a recent blog, I introduced the topic of test data reporting and the value of having a robust structure to maximize its value. In that blog, we talked about the six different levels of reporting sophistication, which we have identified in our work helping customers develop

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Are Your Teams Using Test Data and Reporting Effectively?

Despite the proven value of collecting raw data from testing activities and analyzing it to create actionable, easily digested key performance indicators (KPIs), I find that most firms still struggle with utilizing test process data and organizing it into functional reports. Only a few have been able

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Are Your Metrics Running on Empty?

Are your teams missing key deadlines due to the lack of quantifiable informative and actionable data? In the fast-paced business world of today, is your management team making key business decisions using metrics or reports that may be days or even weeks old? Is your organization burning

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