Monthly archive for October 2013

Interesting Tricks using LoadRunner’s TruClient Mobile

I found some interesting tricks using LoadRunner’s TruClient Mobile protocol last month. The first part of this task involved recording the session, then working with and enhancing the recorded script to make it work according to the script’s requirements. This is where the challenge with TruClient mobile

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Sample Deployment Pipeline Diagram

Deployment Pipeline In the diagram above you can clearly see that the IT organization created a rich and robust set of approval processes and committees to improve the quality of every change that goes into production. When this team needs to react quickly, they skip some of

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Using Subversion for Loadrunner Projects with an Eye on Continuous Delivery

We were working on a project that required us to bring everything under version control to facilitate continuous delivery. Our team came up with a solution for the performance testing elements.  The key was to include more than just the scripts. We needed a design for everything

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