Crowd Testing: Let Your Apps Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Despite its importance in the software development cycle, controlled lab testing can never identify all the issues that actual users might encounter. For mobile apps in particular, there are literally thousands of combinations of devices, operating systems and network conditions, making comprehensive testing of all scenarios impractical. Furthermore, because testers in the lab know what… Continue reading Crowd Testing: Let Your Apps Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Orasi Public Training Courses

With Orasi launching more public training courses on August 24, we thought it would be interesting to explore how other companies quantify the value of training–and to examine the ROI they receive from it. Most surveys and studies on training effectiveness relate to training in general, or corporate worker training. However, we were pleased to uncover a 2014… Continue reading Orasi Public Training Courses

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Quality Data for Quality Testing

Technology can be an accelerator, but, if not properly tested, it can bring everything to a halt… Software is often intended as an accelerator, to make lives easier while driving up efficiency and efficacy. However, as organizations and individuals come to depend on software more, the greater the impact when it fails. This has been… Continue reading Quality Data for Quality Testing