Monthly archive for November 2015

How and Why You Need to Use HPE LoadRunner (GUI Virtual User)

The benefits of using HPE LoadRunner With minor customization, you can reuse your HPE UFT scripts to test the total end-to-end elapsed time to fully load a page to a client machine Ability to check how your application’s functionality is affected while under load Can check how

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New Development Platforms Rewrite the Rules on Mobile Deployments

The world of mobile software development can be treacherous for developers and testers. On the one hand, users have high expectations for application functionality and speed. On the other, they hate change. Across this landscape, companies and their personnel walk a tightrope, trying to stay abreast of

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Using HP Performance Center’s Command Line to Create Environmentally Universal Scripts

On a recent assignment, I was tasked with updating and maintaining five scripts each for three applications across three environments (5 * 3 * 3 = 45). Additionally, each of these environments was scheduled to receive a three-phase upgrade. Each phase would require re-scripting of one group

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