HPE Entitlements – How to View/Activate/Rehost HPE Licenses

HPE has recently updated its licensing/entitlement portal. The portal allows HPE users to manage their software license ownership. Additionally, it is possible to view, download, activate, or rehost HPE licenses. An HPE Passport account is required to log in to the entitlement portal. image


First-time users of the portal are not linked to an organization. In order to gain access to your organization’s entitlements, you must first request access. An entitlement order number (EON) will give you access to a specific order. To view all of your organization’s entitlements, use your service agreement ID (SAID).

If you are the first person to access an EON, you will be assigned as the order administrator. As administrator, you can manage entitlements and grant user access.


To view available entitlements, select the entitlements tab or manage entitlements link. From this tab, you can view, download, activate, update, and upgrade entitlements. image2

To view the entitlement details, select the entitlement product name. To activate an entitlement, select the activate link. When activating a license, you will need to identify the target by either selecting from the dropdown list or by entering a new target. The target is a user-defined reference for a real or virtual machine where the license will be installed. You will also be asked to select a version and quantity to activate. Depending on the product, you may need to provide an IP address. In most cases, an activation key is automatically generated and made available for download.


To move licenses from one machine to another, you must rehost the license. To rehost, select the rehost tab. Open a target by expanding the target name. Select the product you would like to move, and click on rehost. Enter the new target information and click rehost. A new key will be generated automatically.image3

An explanation of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Performance Center 12 and HPE LoadRunner 12 protocol bundles can be found on the HPE site.


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