Are You Using Best Practices for Your Performance Testing?

“Best practices” is a term that’s become a bit overused in the technology industry, with some expert (and not-so-expert) professionals using it as a mechanism to promote their preferred approaches. Nevertheless, the term still has considerable validity in the world of software testing. Here, a substantial body of evidence effectively proves that implementing key, documented methods and tactics lead to higher-quality results in a shorter period of time. These approaches form the core of software testing best practices.

Recently, Orasi and HP teamed up to produce a new white paper, “10 Best Practices for Application Performance Testing.” The paper offers solid recommendations for performance testing in general, from the importance of defining tests and performance models to the value of incorporating baselines and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Given the challenging nature of mobile development and testing, the authors provide additional support for mobile apps. The paper offers 10 important considerations (including variables that impact service delivery) that are pivotal to achieving user satisfaction and a high app adoption rate. As a bonus, the authors also outline five easily avoidable mistakes that can negatively impact the success and quality of the testing process.

To create its set of joint best practices, Orasi and HP dug deeply into the agile testing model―a set of practices and approaches that is helping companies and their teams deliver superior products on a faster timetable. Both HP and Orasi believe that user demands for quality and continual improvement are going to accelerate rather than diminish. Companies that adopt fundamental principles of agile testing, as reflected in several of the paper’s best practices, will be better positioned to surmount this challenge.

10 Best Practices for Application Performance Testing is a complimentary download from Orasi’s Resources. At the site, you will also find case studies, data sheets, and white papers on numerous testing-related topics. Enjoy!

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