Placing a Value on Software Training

With Orasi launching its first ever public training courses on March 9, we thought it would be interesting to explore how other companies quantify the value of training – and to examine the ROI they receive from it. Most surveys and studies on training effectiveness relate to training in general, or corporate worker training. However, we were pleased to uncover a 2014 study, from technology instruments manufacturer National Instruments (NI), that is highly relevant to the type of training we will be conducting.

In the survey of 659 participants, NI found that 89% of respondents categorized the value of training as average to extremely high. Specifically, 56% of respondents in North America said specialized training helped them develop product applications faster. In a similar vein, 52% of North American respondents said that specialized training also reduced the time they spent maintaining applications.

Those are pretty impressive numbers, but what really opened our eyes were the ROI statistics the white paper reported. The survey tracked the results of a six-month software project involving a single engineer spending 60% of his time on developing the application. The application was projected to have a three-year life span.

Making an up-front investment in training reduced project learning time by two-thirds (from 30 hours to 10) and cut development time in half, from 120 days to 60. The ROI on this particular training, which cost nearly $3,000, was 286% based upon the savings in labor costs alone. Without training, labor costs for learning, software development and software maintenance were $45,600 (based on a $100,000 per year salary). With it, they were $24,514; a savings of $21,086.

These numbers are really impressive, and they underscore our belief that training plays a vital role, not only in creating better quality software but also in saving time and money during development and testing. We hope you will join us for one of our two training classes, so you and your company can reap these benefits for yourselves.


Writing Excellent Requirements Date: March 9-10, 2015 Length: 2 Days Price: $1,000/Student This two day, tool-independent course is focused on the development and maintenance of excellent requirements as a key component of software quality management. It also focuses on how to leverage baselined requirements for effective test case planning, design and development. Click here for more information about this course. Implementing Better Testing Practices Date: March 11-12, 2015 Length: 2 Days Price: $1,000/Student As technology complexities continue to expand, our approach to software development and testing must keep pace. This class is designed to help organizations meet today’s testing challenges and provides them with a more effective and efficient approach to testing. Implementing Better Testing Practices is an accelerated and cost-effective approach focused on the proper use of testing methods, tools and techniques presented with a balance of lecture and hands-on exercises. Click here for more information about this course.

To register for one or both of these classes, participants should call 855-GO-ORASI or sign up online. Those who wish to inquire about on-site training for large groups should email or call 678-819-5300.

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