Orasi and AppDynamics empower companies to dramatically improve mean time to recovery (MTTR) and optimize end user performance. This new solution delivers focused and actionable insights to optimize the business transaction performance and stability. The AppDynamics Fall ’14 Release includes major enhancements in five areas;  Next-Gen Platform Architecture, Unified Monitoring, Mobile-First, DevOps Collaboration, and Application Analytics.

On December 18th, Orasi is hosting a webinar specific to the new version release; join us to learn more about these exciting new features!

Next-Gen Platform Architecture

Designed for big data scale, even easier manageability, and extensibility.

Metric Data Architecture

  • Infinite scale
  • Time Series Management
  • Advanced Stream Processing
  • Built on Hadoop/HDFS

Event Data Architecture

  • Infinite scale
  • Structured & unstructured indexing
  • Complex event processing
  • Built on Elastic Search/Kafka

Metric Data and Event Data Architecture Performance Benefits

Today Fall ’14 Release
5M metrics/minute 500M metrics/minute
100M events/day 1T events/day
Data retention: 1 minute of granularity, 6 hours 1 minute granularity, 8 days

Agent Delivery and Management System

  • Easier to manage large agent deployments
  • Track agent versions
  • One click update
  • Schedule when to update

Increased Extensibility

  • Powerful REST APIs
  • AppDynamics Exchange
  • Easier way to build more extensions for monitoring, alerting, scaling, etc.

Unified Monitoring

  • New Python Agent
  • New C++ Agent – first C++ agent in the world that doesn’t require code changes


  • Fully-integrated Database Monitoring


  • Synthetic Monitoring Beta


  • Mobile Real-User Monitoring
    • User behavior analytics
    • Performance monitoring & troubleshooting
    • Crash Analytics
  • New iOS App – brings application monitoring to your phone!


DevOps Collaboration

  • AppDynamics Virtual War Room – collaborate online in to discuss immediate issues


Application Analytics

  • Automated Data Collection
  • Capture Business Context
  • Real-time Analytics


The AppDynamics Fall ’14 Release has many exciting new features we are looking forward to for enhanced application monitoring!

Join our webinar on December 18th to learn more about these exciting new features!


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