About Orasi Software

Committed to the Delivery of High-Quality Solutions

Orasi is an Atlanta-based software reseller and professional services company that provides software, support, training, and consulting services. Through strategic industry partnerships, Orasi offers market-leading automated testing, application performance management/intelligence, test data management and coverage, continuous integration/delivery, mobile technologies and more to enable customers to focus on a complete software quality lifecycle.

Our Approach
The Orasi team is committed to providing full lifecycle support for developing, testing and delivering market-driven products. From capturing and validating requirements to product testing to ensure that requirements have been met, we remain focused on helping customers manage and deliver the highest value products possible.

“When a customer engages one of us, they engage all of us” is a core motto for Orasi and is personified at every level of the organization.

Our Philosophy
As an organization, we are dedicated to best-in-class QA tools, practices and processes. We are agile and drive continuous improvement with our customers and within our own business. We work hard to find local talent with not only a high technology IQ, but a great ability to communicate and collaborate. We leverage industry best practices and maintain a tight leadership focus on testing.

Our Commitment
If you engage Orasi, we will help lead your company into a world class QA organization that will make both our companies even more proud of our locally sourced relationship.

Founded in 2002, Orasi conducts operations from its metro-Atlanta based headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia. For more information, visit our website.

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