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It’s Late 2016, What’s the New Rule for Performance Test Environments?

This question was passed around internally last week: “Does anyone on this distribution list have a list of good reasons why a test environment should approximate that of production to provide accurate test results in lieu of using a cheaper, smaller test environment and math to estimate

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Embracing Big Data

What Businesses Can Do to Reign in and Leverage Information It’s a wonderful thing: with the advent of big data, companies can now access, analyze, and leverage a flood of knowledge and use it to improve decision making, performance, and ideal revenues. Take the success story of

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Performance Center Maintenance: A Routine Recommendation

Frequently our customers experience downtime in their HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)/Performance Center (PC) environment for various reasons. How many do you think ever consider maintaining their HPE ALM/PC environment? Not many. You should think of your HPE ALM/PC environment as if it were your vehicle or

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Metrics versus KPIs—and the Importance of Understanding the Difference

In a recent blog, I provided an introduction to reporting and offered suggestions to help software professionals determine if their teams are using reporting effectively. I followed that up with a discussion of the importance of, and processes involved in, developing a functional reporting framework. Today, we

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Quality in the Application Development Lifecycle: Good Is No Longer Good Enough

As most of us know, or at least have heard, user expectations for applications are at an all-time high. For mobile and web applications, they border on astronomic. Yet, many companies are still failing to achieve the quality that users expect. Often, consumer application developers are caught

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