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Testing as a Service: a Modern Approach for a Critical Need

The increasing dominance of web and mobile applications is increasing complexity for organizations—and the software teams charged with ensuring application functionality and quality. The number of critical business functions processed via a browser or mobile device is escalating, the pace of updates is accelerating, and inaccurate results,

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Upgrading HPE ALM Server: Hidden Post-Update Drama You Might Be Totally Unaware Of

Upgrading HPE ALM/QC has always been a source of dread for administrators. It’s a process that typically involves significant planning and meetings, discussion, more meetings, more discussion, more planning, and on and on. Everyone wants to get it right, but few are comfortable with the process. It

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Get Ready for SAP S/4 HANA

When SAP unveiled SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (S/4HANA) in February 2015, the release marked a major leap forward for enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. With this innovative computing platform, SAP released sweeping improvements that dramatically accelerate the visibility and usefulness of business information for enterprise

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HPE ALM Octane: Fact or Fiction

HPE ALM Octane is HPE’s next-generation lifecycle management solution for modern application delivery. The first release was announced in early June, and there have been two updates to the functionality since the initial release. HPE ALM Octane will allow choice and flexibility to manage traditional hybrid or

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