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SAP S/4 HANA FIORI: A Transformative User Experience Whose Time Has Come

When SAP unveiled SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (S/4HANA) in 2015, the release marked a major leap forward for enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. With this innovative computing platform, SAP made sweeping enhancements—including the incorporation of big data analytics paired with streamlined, user-friendly workflows—that dramatically accelerate

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Lessons from the Equifax Hack: Be Careful; You May Be Living in a Glass House.

By Dennis Hurst In mid-September 2017, when Equifax announced a massive data breach had compromised nearly 150 million consumer records, criticism for the debacle was rapid and substantial. The news media and security experts immediately condemned Equifax for the breach, stating that an organization trusted by consumers

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The Salesforce User Experience: Performance Considerations for Lightning

The most recent release of CRM platform Salesforce included two different user interfaces—Salesforce Classic (essentially an update of the existing interface) and Lightning, which Salesforce.com bills as a completely new “user experience.” More than a GUI, Lightning represents a sweeping reinvention of the prior interface. Its functionality

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Security: The New Imperative in Software Development

Discussions regarding the importance of software security are nothing new. However, given the escalation in both the number and intensity of cyberattacks, and the fact that even decade-old vulnerabilities are still being exploited, the importance of security has never been greater. For application developers, the stakes are

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Performance Testing Custom Salesforce Deployments

For organizations using and customizing Salesforce, performance testing can be very difficult—and frustrating. In addition to not having any control over third-party app servers and their loads, organizations must meet restrictions imposed by Salesforce to reduce the impact on other customers. Performance test plans also require advance

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